Brain Damage

Brain Damage ★★★★½

This is the start of your new life, Brian. A life full of colors, music, light and euphoria. A life without pain, or hurt, or suffering.

Whatever I was expecting the brain to sound like, it sure as hell wasn't that. What a truly bonkers, entertaining, and just really fun film this ended up being. As I dig more into the genre, I think I'm starting to further pinpoint the kind of horror that I like: Cheesy, metaphorical, quick, homoerotic, comedic, released in the 80s/90s, and with a heavy prevalence on body horror above anything else. This checks off all of those boxes. It's been a while since I've found a movie that had this hot of a lead. Weird thing to say, but I wanted to point it out. Rick Hearst's attractiveness is something that draws you in, and then you see his good looks slowly fade away as he continues to fall victim to Aylmer. Brain Damage is a film that looks good, sounds good, and feels good. The tacky effects are a treat, and some of the lighting is even just beautiful. The score is right up my alley, and the sound design rocks too. Then, this seemingly being a metaphor for drug use, it does a really good job of getting under your skin and messing with your mind.

The acting is wonderfully corny, the writing just that right amount above surface-level to scratch the proper itch, and this has, dare I say, the single best kill I've seen in a horror movie. (You'll know what it is when it happens, and when it did happen, I had to cover my mouth and remind myself that I was really seeing what I was seeing. The perfect blend of disturbing and morbidly just really fucking funny.) It feels a little weird giving Brain Damage the rating I am, but to hell with it, that kill alone gives it the rating, and this was an absolute blast from start to finish in a manner only a handful of movies I've watched are. Not recommended for everyone, but if you enjoy body horror, weirdly cute villains, synth scores, and chuckling, give this a look. (As a final note, there's one moment in this where Aylmer, ahem, inserts himself into Brian's neck in an alleyway, and with the way it was shot and the noises Brian was making, it turned me on in a way I didn't like, but I kinda can't wait for it to likely happen again when I rewatch this.)


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