Cherry ★★★

I think I adore you.

I kind of liked this. Kind of. It has problems. A lot of problems. The kind of problems the filmmakers who made the highest grossing movie of all-time really should not be having, probably, but they're certainly there. I mentioned in a review for a movie not too long ago that it's not a matter of movies having style or not, all movies have a "style", and it's more about what the style of each movie is, and how the presentation of that either hurts or helps the movie. The style of Cherry does both. I enjoyed some choices. I was legitimately confused at the point of others. Some of the acting is downright great in certain scenes. Other scenes go way overboard, either having an unnecessary amount of cursing to try to seem mature or cranking melodrama up to eleven so ugly crying makes you feel absolutely nothing. I do admire Tom Holland for "going there" with some of the scenes in this. He's one of the best things about the film, allowing himself to get vulnerable and exploring a wide range of scenes in intriguing ways. (I do say "intriguing", not always "good", but I cannot say he doesn't try in this.) I thought the score was fantastic, full stop. Henry Jackman can range from having the most mediocre music in movies for little more than background to also making some absolutely stellar tracks that elevate everything about the scenes they appear in. I am glad to have gotten the latter version of Jackman here. (I am also a sucker for synth music when it's meticulous in its sounds and movement around your ears, and this certainly has that kind of both soothing and investing type of audio experience.) It's strange to look at this how I think I look at it, where this would be the movie the Russos make before they get the offer to make a Marvel movie, but they've already made a Marvel movie, so now they have to work backwards. The brothers are going really out of their way to shove every visual gag, quick line, insult, philosophical statement, romantic shot, dramatic zoom, intense edit, whatever else you could state out of this movie. The result is something that absolutely goes on for too long, it's a mess, but again, I still did like enough of it to give it a somewhat strong rating. I felt anxious, I would chuckle, I would gasp, and even as I knew the film overstayed its welcome, I still had some notable part of me that wanted to know what happened to Holland's character. Trim this down to two hours, tone down a lot of the distracting and nearly goofy stylistic choices, and you wouldn't only have a good movie, you could have yourself an award contender. As the film that exists and I just watched stands, I still seem to have liked it more than others, and I haven't felt the need to hold back contrarian opinions on film for awhile. It is what it is, and I like what I like.


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