Cruella ★★★½

I am woman, hear me roar.

Lmao this kind of rules? Take that from someone who dislikes both I, Tonya and Maleficent, so I had literally no reason to react positively to this. I will take a thousand Cruella type movies before I take something like the Mulan remake again. Disney has built up so many stories throughout their cataloged history, so if they're now into the business of revisiting much more than they create original material, they should take it upon themselves to do something that varies from whatever their new things were inspired by. The reports about this film are true. Cruella is Girlboss Joker, and turns out I like that. The costumes, production design, and overall look and style of the film is gorgeous. Not once were my eyes taken off of the screen. Perhaps worth noting that I got to see this in the theater with my mom, and while this wasn't my first time back into theaters this year, it was the first time since the pandemic started that the attendance within the theater was just like how it should be. There was this one lady who would laugh uproariously at every single joke, probably because she had a drink or two or three during the film, and I could have been annoyed by that, but I was so happy to be in a theater where I could hear audible reactions to a movie that I was grateful for the communal experience of cinema. It's now a memory I can forever associate with this film. The constant soundtrack is overwhelming, almost not a minute without some kind of needle drop during this over two hour film, and again, I think that owns, and the soundtrack itself is wall to wall sixties to eighties bangers. The film does get a bit long in the tooth within the third act, yet I never got bored during all of this fashionista momentum. There's a little dog with an eyepatch that dresses up as a rat at one point, Emma Thompson is delightfully devilish, Paul Walter Hauser is hilarious, and as many others have noted in various ways in other reviews of Cruella, I'll strongly agree that Emma Stone is hummina hummina awooga in every moment she's onscreen. Totally would not have seen this at all had my mom not had interest in it, and now it's one of my favorites from the year. So, thanks, mom. I am giving myself permission to be an agent of chaos.


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