Heat ★★★★


Gotta say, still not as fully on-board with this one as every single other Michael Mann fan seems to be. It's technically an absolute marvel of filmmaking, I can at least concede to that. Heat is lightning in a bottle of great talents all converging onto one singular work to bring said talent into a full orchestra of crime and gunfire. You don't need me to tell you how the bullets in this sound like when they're fired, but I'll repeat it anyway: There's little else like it. Mann would replicate it damn well in pictures like Collateral and Blackhat, and as much as I like those movies more than this, I think it's undeniable that Heat has that insane intensity behind the violence topped. I think of the climactic gunfight in particular, where those guns are unloaded at their more frequent and their loudest. There's little that's "cool" about it, despite how good the filmmaking is behind it. You feel the desperation from both sides of this gunfight, split second decisions and movements being the difference between life and death. I will say correlated to that, during this rewatch of Heat, I can find some notable respect in the messy nature of it despite it being filled of people who are just doing their jobs. You won't hear me say anything remotely negative about Pacino, yet it's totally De Niro that I really go for here. He's the heart of this movie for being a character that could have so easily been portrayed as heartless. The finale showdown of this goes down for so long, it's so anxious because you know in your heart of hearts that these men have established some sort of respect for each other. Not about who shoots first, it's who shoots last. Den of Thieves > Heat may now be the hottest take that I have, but I now truly stand by it.



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