McCartney 3, 2, 1

McCartney 3, 2, 1 ★★★½

I specialize in bold mistakes.

Wonderful mixture of easy to binge personal comfort food meets offering actual new and interesting insight into songs I have heard individually likely hundreds of times. For the longest time, before the dawn of Weezer into my life, my favorite band was without exception The Beatles. Every Beatle (Except for Ringo, but I do still love you, Ringo, and this series did a great job of showing how essential you were to the success of the band.) has been my favorite at some point. George was the first favorite, he's now come around to be my current favorite, but Paul was my favorite for the longest. Best of all the worlds with his talents as a voice, a songwriter, and a bassist. McCartney 3,2,1, through in-depth analyses of songs from both The Beatles and Paul's solo efforts, shows how much thought and practice went into these now eternally classic works of music. Rick Rubin, himself a well-earned legend within the world of music, knows exactly when to push Paul for more information while also knowing when it's best to let the guy speak what's on his mind. They go together well, and they make around three hours of just talking about music and the origin and fluctuations of a band about the most interesting conversation you can come across if you are remotely into The Beatles. Didn't even know this was on Hulu until it was brought to my attention by my dad, so thanks dad, this was a fun event to experience together. Totally going to binge every Beatles album now purely for fun.


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