Mirror ★★★★½

Always this suspiciousness, haste, and no time to stop and think.

Oh, this is like a good good movie. I want to instinctively try going down the route of trying to analyze why I loved this movie, but for the time being, I'm thinking of that one clip from The Simpsons where Homer is watching Twin Peaks, he laughs, and then he says "I have absolutely no idea what's going on." I'm there more than I might want to admit, but you know what, I'm cool with that. It's been a minute since I've watched a movie, knew I really liked it, and then when I'm thinking of what I want to say about it, my brain turns into mashed potatoes. For now, I'll go with something like "It's good I'm discombobulated because this is an intentionally discombobulated, stream of consciousness movie about dreams and memory." When you get flashbacks or you reflect back on your past, it's never a straight line. Suddenly you're thirteen. Then you're a baby. Then you're six. Then it's a week ago. Each person lives through so much, events big and small, you could absolutely make a Mirror about every single human being that has ever lived. I find that beautiful. Haven't even gotten to Solaris yet, and I already have a Tarkovsky that I thought was truly great. Reflections upon reflections in order to truly capture the kaleidoscopic nature of an entire lifetime. When my 250 project is finished, I'm going to have like watch just the bottom barrel trash of cinema to try to balance my ratings out.


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