Passing ★★★

Bright Pictures of That Other

Starting by fading in from black to white, then ending by fading out from white to black. Sturdy movie. If social issue historical pictures are your bag, this'll give you compelling stuff. Hall has a nice grip on blocking and giving the occasional body movement or look clarity through strong camerawork and framing. Now intrigued to see how she will continue to evolve as a writer and director, seems like she has a bright future. Andre Holland and Ruth Negga give good performances, their effort on their own to flesh out their characters is clear, but I especially found Tessa Thompson to be honestly excellent here. For a movie that I think could have had better pacing and overall better structure, she offers what in the moment actually might be one of my favorite performances from this year. Would love to see her at least get nominated for Best Actress in various award shows. Its core framing device to its storytelling, the concept of "passing" itself being something so absurd that it on its own showcases how severe racism is as a root of American history, makes this a film I'm glad I watched and would recommend it to others. One of a handful of other topics that are covered within the film, a tragic reality of the world is that if a child is young enough to be a victim of racism, they are old enough to learn about it. Look to the dark past for a bright future.


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