Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★★★

Fools rush in...

Watched with commentary from Kenneth Anger, which brought along a lot of really interesting little tidbits about the behind the scenes making of the film. Some of my favorites include many of the sets just being places Anger found and kept as is, Anger actually getting permission to use "Hit the Road Jack", the glass bottle of crystal meth being authentic meth, and most shocking of all, the death at the end being an actual biker whose demise was caught on film. (The biker who falls off of his bike in one of the last shots legitimately broke his neck upon impact. I still love this movie, but it's going to hit different from now on knowing that information.) All of this, and the fact that Anger has passionate hate for The Beatles fundamentally changing the landscape of American pop music. Scorpio Rising has to be one of the most rewatchable movies I can think of. The music, the design, the unflinching danger and promiscuity behind it all. It's truly a snapshot of homosexuality as rebellion, and several decades later remains something that feels almost wrong to watch, but scratches a pleasurable itch very few other films do. Essential queer history viewing.


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