Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★★★


I was going to watch Alex Cox’s Walker this afternoon, but as I started that, my computer charger crapped out and now I only have a makeshift one that charges my laptop when it’s off, so that had to be thrown out the window. I am letting my laptop charged at the moment and typing this review up from my phone. Pissed off from technical problems alongside feeling some stress from upcoming class assignments, I put “Ol’ Reliable” on. I call Scorpio Rising that in this moment because despite its taboo subject matter and undeniably “problematic” aspects in its material and its actual filmmaking (Still cannot get over the one moment where according to Anger, the death we see on-screen here is in fact someone actually dying.) I find this to be a bizarrely comforting film. It’s to me the top tier of punk rock cinema, an ultimate music video tribute to being unashamedly queer, whatever consequences come your way and whatever else you get yourself wrapped into. I think this has to have one of, if not just the best soundtrack in film history. The visuals are simultaneously cryptic while oozing with intent that you can go wild digging into if you’re up to the task. The cinematography is unforgettable, and whatever bits of physical performance you can pull from these beefy bikers has its own worth. Anger certainly had his own taste in aesthetics and men, and I bless him for that. Essential viewing for anyone and everyone. Even if you don’t like it, I don’t think it will ever leave you.


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