Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★


It's something I can especially state since I revisited Nightcrawler not too long ago: Riz Ahmed is one of the most intriguing rising stars of the current moment. Since seeing him in that, I've been waiting for his breakout film, and I'm happy to say Sound of Metal might be exactly that. His lead performance is great, one of the best of the year without any doubt. I went into the film expecting to get that, but what I was not expecting was how good everything else in the film was. The sound design is most notable, and if you read a review of the film, you're going to be hard-pressed not to find the writer mention it at some point. It's just that well-done and intricate, offering this seamless back and forth where we get a good glimpse into what it both sounds and feels like to go deaf. Through silence, static, sign language, and even usage of subtitles, Sound of Metal is a film I think I'm going to remember a lot more through how it made me feel instead of the exact scenes in it, but I'm completely cool with that. It's easily one of the more anxiety-inducing, emotionally-investing, and overall intense films made in recent times. Enough were I would have trouble wanting to experience it again, and also enough where it's going to leave a lasting impact. Heavy metal.


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