Speed ★★★★

Don't fuck with Daddy.

Rewatched on a whim from a hotel room in Chicago with my mom while we ate some Garrett popcorn. So, exactly the right circumstance under which one should rewatch Speed. It's not one of my all-timer favorites when it comes to the action genre, but with sheer entertainment value, this is up here as one of the must fun. Akin to how Die Hard is a type of film now riffed on by many after it, the specific ways in which Speed utilizes its ticking clock narrative feels almost just as aped on. Jan de Bont and Graham Yost as director and writer know exactly how to ramp up tension and give you enough specific character details to always keep the audience invested. The first and final acts, perhaps often forgotten among the meat and potatoes of the feature with its bus shenanigans, makes for compelling exercises in raising tension and having a great "Fuck it." attitude with action movie heroism. I have trouble imagining anyone other than Keanu in the lead role, with his specific brand of overacting, the way he loses clothes slowly throughout the film just like John McClaine, he's a blast. Dennis Hopper needs no explanation about how good he is either, he's part of the bread and butter to the 90's explosive joy of nervous smiling and banter to try to get through a fucked up situation. Small brain, big heart.


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