The Matrix

The Matrix ★★★★★

Remember, all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

The second word that's displayed in this movie is "trans," like, come on, man. I was thinking earlier on that this was right on the tip of the dick with going up to a five star film for me, and of all the things, it was watching the scene where Agent Smith compares humans to a virus, and so calmly and oh so coolly in his villainous way says him and the other Agents are "the cure," that made me just give it the five stars now. I mean, this is now the third time I have watched this in the span of a year, and I know I will watch it again right before Resurrections, so, yeah, that should also be a tip-off to how much I like this movie. The Matrix is one of those movies that's so good where, after however many times you watch it, it becomes not only "better," but dare I say "sublime" or "trance-inducing." By that latter descriptor, I mean that you enter this sort of zen state where no matter what you are doing or what you are thinking while you watch it, you are one with the film. It hijacks your brain, it's you and the perfect exposition, you and the even more perfect action, and you and the ultimate science fiction extravaganza that is equal parts escapist and revelatory for how you live your life outside of the movies. My favorite reading of this movie, one that I maybe also like because I feel like I came to it on my own without assistance or influence from others, is that it's not an anti-technology film so much as it's completely anti-technological abuse, as in bad people using incredible tech for their worst potential. The machines are the villains, for certain, but it's made explicit by Morpheus that while it isn't known who started the war between humans and machines, it was humans who inspired the machines to utilize their darkest means to attain and maintain power. When you see what can happen when tech like The Matrix is used for its most uplifting and revolutionary means, that's Neo, that's The One, and Neo is both the best of humans and technology. There's a better, more scholarly way to put that, but know that this can be translated as "I love this movie, and I think about it a lot." Finally, in preparation for Resurrections, today I'm ripping off the band-aid and watching the sequels. Regardless of how I feel about them, I remain confident in my complete and undying adoration for this film.


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