Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

"Always be a good boy, don't ever play with guns."

Look, regardless of if the movies themselves are just "okay" or "fine", the realm of crime thriller with at least some tinges of comedy is exactly the realm of filmmaking that Guy Ritchie belongs in, and if this and The Gentlemen being released back to back within a year is enough indication, I will welcome with open arms a yearly Ritchie feature. I enjoyed the first forty or so minutes of Wrath of Man, clearly going for a darker tone than Guy will often have in his films, but the cast was good, the characters were passable enough, I liked the restrained camerawork, and the violence when it came was pretty good. It's in the second act of the film when it decides to get all screwy with its pacing and structure that it began to lose me. Out of order storytelling can absolutely work given the right circumstances, I mean Ritchie himself has shown that to be true before. However, here it felt unnecessary, and instead of trying to make an eventually uninteresting plot more worthwhile, it has the opposite intended effect, giving me further distance. A slog of a second act does make way for a decent enough final act, and look, an actor like Jason Statham is going to be someone who I like to look at doing his thing in most any circumstance. As a nameless action man, he's your guy to handle a gun well and scowl like nobody's business. Not essential, but again, I welcome Guy back to his proper field of interest, and he can keep making these shoulder shrugs so long as we get the sporadically enjoyable run and gun caper.


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