Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

Fantastic ode to '60s film and Hollywood. I think people will need to warm up to this one, maybe even on a rewatch. I wouldn't say it's typical Tarantino. Lots of long takes (mostly of people driving), the difference there being is that his scripts are usually so dialogue-heavy. The dialogue is still great here but there's far less of it than usual, and I just wonder what the dichotomy would've been between Pitt and Dicaprio had they talked more. Though I do understand that much of the film depends on recognizing their stark differences. And the last act of this movie is absolutely phenomenal. Alot of people are saying "Tarantino's masterpiece" or "best Tarantino film yet," and I don't see that, but I think it's definitely his passion project and shows his appreciation and love for cinema. I would say it falls somewhere in the middle of his filmography.