The Guns of Navarone ★★★★★

THE GUNS OF NAVARONE is a rather long film at 2h 40m, but its dynamism makes it look as a one hour film, because none of the 160 minutes seem wasted and the action scenes are perfectly blended with the solid acting of the three principals: Gregory Peck as Captain Mallory, the leader of the operative, David Niven as Miller, expert on explosives, and Anthony Quinn as Colonel Stavros, a rugged Greek soldier. The chemistry between these actors is great, particularly the tense arguments between Mallory and Miller, with Niven offering his natural charisma.

Dimitri Tiomkin provides a formidable soundtrack that improves all the perfection of this film, a perfection shared by the cinematography (dark and colorful when needed) and the believable action scenes that include a sea storm, a climbing scene, a clever escape from a Nazi prison and many shootings.

I certainly don't regret buying this DVD after watching some parts of the film on TV. I tend not to buy movies I have seen before, but in this case it was a risk that payed off.