Baby It's You

Baby It's You ★★★★

I confess I only watched this because it includes a great scene where Jill and the Sheik visit the Jersey shore and Asbury Park and pass all the famous, much-loved landmarks like the Palace, the Casino and Madame Marie's. The film has a great songlist, including many Springsteen songs.

But it's a very fine indie film too, directed by John Sayles and starring Rosanna Arquette and Vincent Spano. She's a high school senior, committed to going to college, studying theater, and having a life that doesn't involve getting married and having babies. The Sheik is a well-dressed greaser who has other ideas; he loves Sinatra and Jill.

I wouldn't have thought a cop car chase would work to the tune of "She's the One," but it does.

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