Tenet ★★★★★

At first this movie feels off. You feel you are missing the Christopher Nolan vibe then you realize this movie portrays all his previous movies. It uses Memento and the importance of time going backwards. It uses The Presitge in how reality may often may not be what it seems and there is always more to the story. The Dark Knight trilogy with the shots, sets and music. It uses themes of Inception to show the complexity of time. It uses Interstellar to show the importance of time. It uses Dunkirk and shows how many timelines and stories can meet for a big picture. This movie is the big picture in itself. You cannot focus on one aspect and enjoy this, out everything together and you will see one of the best films ever made. Mr Washington and Pattinson deliver in ways unexpected. Kenneth Branagh is probably one of the best villains ever. The music is phenomenal. The film and use of inversion while time moves forward is revolutionary and will blow your mind. This movie doesn't take out of this world. It just shows you what is possible. And boy oh boy is it a spectacle that everyone has to watch

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