I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★★★★

this movie was fucking awesome, seriously. I SAW THE DEVIL is a visually beautiful, but undeniably brutal and grotesque film that raises compelling questions of morality in an ingeniously plotted way. the story unfolds in surprising and interesting ways, as we follow this gnarly tale to its bitter end. despite all of its grotesqueness, there's something inherently fun about this film, and the sick sense of humor some of the characters employ. Choi Min-sik of Oldboy fame is here as our "antagonist" and his performance is fuckin' legendary. he transforms himself into an absolutely vicious and derange psycho bastard with no remorse. just as powerful is Lee Byung-hun, as he plays a man hell-bent on making those who wronged him pay. their dueling performances craft an incredible dynamic that is enthralling to watch.

this a compelling film, from start to finish. the tension is palpable. the acting is phenomenal. the score swoops in at the right moments. it moves at a quick pace, making its two hour and twenty minute runtime feel like nothing. and it has one of the best third acts in any film ever, as everything comes to its explosive head. i think this is honestly one of the best foreign films i've ever seen, and a new fuckin' favorite. I SAW THE DEVIL is goddamn amazing!