Chinatown ★★★★½

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“Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.”

A lot of people think Chinatown is one of the greatest screenplays of all time. And after watching it, I have to agree with them. This story was incredible as this was the perfect mystery, always moving and keeping me guessing. It wasn’t until almost the end to where all the clues from throughout the movie came together. Every time the movie would answer, there was always something else to be answered around the other corner. Jack Nicholson is once again amazing, I haven’t seen The Shining yet, but this is the best I have seen him. The camera work is incredible too as there were so many great shots and movements. I love the old noir feel of this film as it actually feels like it was made in the 1930s. There are a lot of movies that are set in the past but not all of them have that actual feel of that era. If this didn’t come out the same year as The Godfather Part II, it would have won best picture, and I still think it should have.

Overall Rating: A

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