Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy ★★½

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“If you got a problem with that you can talk to the barrel of my gun”

I’ll start out with saying that I don’t think Hillbilly Elegy isn’t as terrible as everyone is saying. Yes, it’s not that good of a movie, but I really don’t think it’s awful. Glenn Close and Amy Adams are considered the two leads here and I think they definitely have there strong moments. The story itself is honestly pretty sad, it’s tough watching the characters go through a perpetual cycle of family struggles. I really wanted to care about JD as it was my favorite aspect of the film, but it kept flashing back to the past which threw off the momentum of the present. This is what really holds this film back is just how much they flashback. If there was significant less back and forth I think it would be a better movie. A lot of buzz was coming out of this movie for the Oscars, but I can’t see that happening, even with the lackluster year of film.

Overall Rating: C

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