The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

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“Are you Monsieur Gustave of the Grand Budapest Hotel in Nebelsbad?”

The Grand Budapest Hotel was my most anticipated Wes Anderson film, so I really really wanted to love this one. Luckily, that was the case because this movie was amazing. This is the type of quality that I expected from Anderson when I started his films, but I have only seen a couple of glimpses throughout. I actually started watching this film in the early part of the year but I wasn’t focused on the film and ended up turning it off around the 40 minute mark. I was definitely nervous going into it because of this and I remembered that the storytelling was confusing and they talked really quick. However, the both got cleaned up pretty quick after only paying attention for a little bit. This cast was amazing with appearances from Anderson regulars like Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson; but also Williem Dafoe, Soarise Ronan and others. The standout was Ralph Fiennes as he put in such a spectacular performance. He was so charismatic and funny that I loved every scene he was in.

Most of Anderson’s films have been hit or miss for me on the comedy side with lot of his earlier movies not working as well. This isn’t the funniest of his films, but a close second for me behind The Darjeeling Limited. But this has provided the best and most creative and put together story out of all of the movies, making it my favorite. Because this is a story within a story, it was confusing the first time that I watched this, but it was great this time around. The relationship between Gustave and Zero has to be another high point of this movie. Just like all of Anderson’s film, this was incredibly beautiful with the use of color and scenery. What was also great about this film was the almost cartoony logic such as a door cleaning chopping off fingers or zooming in a sleigh downhill. Overall, this is everything I wanted to see from Wes Anderson, and I’m so happy that it’s this film.

Overall Rating: A

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