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“I am not the Zodiac. And if I were, I certainly wouldn't tell you.”

Zodiac, a movie that I would describe as a movie with two different halfs. The first half, the investigation into who is the Zodiac. The second half, a better and more successful non-official investigation by Jake Gyllenhaal.

The first half of this movie is pretty disappointing. I find the Zodiac Killer a pretty interesting case since they never and will never find out who committed these horrendous crimes. However, the way they set it up is bad. The movie totally skips the first killings of Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday, they make the investigation done by the police really quick, choppy and with too many time hops. I’m not saying I hated the first half, because it did have its moments, but overall it wasn’t anything too impressive.

Consequently, this is where I stopped and picked up the next day. The remaining hour that I watched, was fantastic. Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith and seeing his life consumed by the investigation was Incredible. His investigation was thrilling, exciting and made me think they were actually going to find the Zodiac. They obviously don’t but they conclude the movie perfectly.

What this movie does really well is show the effects of this serial killer on all the main characters. How it affects their life in different ways. Jake Gyllenhaal was probably but he was in great company with Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.

Overall Rating: B+

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