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  • The Menu

    The Menu

    What a delightful and fun takedown of the pretentiousness of fan boy culture. It was a little painful at times to hear things come out of Nicholas Hoult's mouth and to hear my wife say, "this sounds like having a conversation with you." I love all the table setting in the first act, and thought all of the performances were brilliant.

    I think it becomes a little too infatuated with its own allegory and loses focuses on the narrative. I kind of wish it had just been about Anya Taylor Joy and Ralph Fiennes. But that may just be me as a pretentious fan boy.

  • Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical

    Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical

    I was completely unfamiliar with this musical, but I was blown away. Not just the memorable, emotional, and crafty musical numbers, but also the production design and performances (especially Lashawna Lynch) and general imagination on screen. I was not only enthralled with the visuals, but completely wrapped up emotionally.

    Every life is a miracle. Even when life is unfair there is beauty to be found, and as this film teaches children - there are ways to live in a greater justice than the false "law and order" peace that is provided by those in power.

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  • Night Owls

    Night Owls


    It's the chemistry of these two leads that makes Night Owls so great. A film about brokenness and pain and how it often determines who we are. As we watch these two characters interact, often hurting one another, we just want them to figure it all out. We want them to work out their problems with each other, and to figure out who they are. It's a strong script, with a director who knows how to make these often unlikeable characters enjoyable.

  • Kung Fury

    Kung Fury


    Absolutely hilarious and brilliant, and at under 30 minutes its the perfect nostalgic, satirical treat. Poking fun at our love of nostalgia, as well as poking fun at the 80s as well, Kung Fury is just a blast of energy and smart comedy that will leave you laughing and wanting more.