The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal ★★★★

I was holding this off for a while as I definitely knew that this wouldn't really be my thing going into it; but its just so damn well made. Even though i couldn't get engaged with the story, I found it easy to get lost in its atmosphere due to the brilliant film-making techniques that were put into this.

Incredible performances and though-provoking dialogue really sets the mood. I think i was scared of this film; and that's the weird thing. The personification of Death terrified me and now i just don't feel the same way. Even in scenes that were more lighthearted, i could still feel the powerful presence of death looming over the screen. That's the beauty of this film, even if it was presented like strange, bad dream.

I think I'm gonna need a while to recollect my thoughts on this, so i shall see if my feelings change over time. Ingmar Bergman was just too good at what he did.

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