Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks ★★★★

So i have finished the first season of this after binging it over the last week and i can say that i kinda loved it. I was fairly skeptical going into this as i am not fond of Lynch's style yet but the show definitely got more addicting to watch as it progressed. There is a lot to process right now so i think ill just highlight some things.

I always love a good murder mystery. Solving crimes, uncovering secrets, shocking plot twists and cliffhangers? count me in. This gave me exactly what i needed. It's a simple story with so many elements done right.

I love the vibe the cinematography and colors were going for. The score is iconic as hell, the story is compelling and the characters are really interesting to watch. I do think the performances are a mix of bad and good ones, but kyle maclachlan as agent cooper is the GOAT right here. I'm doing a good job at making my way through this without getting spoiled and i can't wait to see what S2 has in store for me.

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