Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

I end up with existential doubts….damn 

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a masterpiece.

Guys, this is a movie that at first glance is science fiction with touches of action, but the more I progressed I realized that this is a movie about growing up and loving.

This movie teaches us how big the universe or the multiverse can be and that in some way we are small, insignificant, and stupid but that is why we should not give up on life because we can still love the small details of life and that it is never late to be the best version of us.

I love this message because it is very clear and to understand it you do not have to understand 100% of the movie (because is a bit confusing) to understand.

We already explained the message now how are the other aspects of this movie? Well, this whole movie is brilliant in every aspect, it's always fun and addictive, and the special effects or CGI are incredible, are you telling me that they were made by people watching tutorials on YouTube? THAT IS PASSION AND DEDICATION 
I love the performances and that ability to change personality is glorious. Not much to say, everything is 11/10 and that's it.

Funnier as hell

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