Pulp Fiction ★★★★★

when John Travolta and Uma Thurman performe a dancing scene in a movie for Quentin Tarantino IT becomes legend .

I waited for a very long time untill I had the chance to watch this film .In fact , I have started watching for Tarantino for around three months , because I have to be at least 16 years old to watch one of his magnifecent mastepieces . I am no disappointed . I am a big fan of the strategy he uses in the story lines .

Uma thurman showed up for less than an hour , but her performane was adorable , and actually , I believe everyone's performane was legend ..... Aaah eemmm except of that man who played Jimmie , sorry you are a good director and brillient writer , but you just can't act and actually you missed it up a little .....

Samuel L. Jackson performance is legendery , his voice and his lines are still going in my head

What does Marsellus wallace looks like ?

What ?!

What country are you from ?

What ? What ! Wha

" What " ain't no country I've ever heard of . You speak English in " what " ?

What ?

English , motherf**ker , you speak english ?

Yes ! Yes .

Then you know what I am saying ?

Yes !

Describe what marsellus wallace looks like .

Whaat ?

Say" what " again . Say .. what .. again . I DARE YOU , I DOUBLE DARE YOU . SAY " WHAT " ONE MORE TIME .

The movie could be so explicted and very wild , but it's a true art . bye for now, I guess I am gonna go rewatch this one more time .

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