Possessor ★★★★

Damn, Cronenberg son!

I guess it is true, like father, like son.

This is a gnarly sci-fi assassin mind fuck film. The idea alone is interesting enough but the performances are what seal it as more than your average movie.

Andrea Riseborough was damn engaging whenever she was on screen and Christopher Abbott was also enthralling as a person struggling between two minds.

Was surprised by how good the cast is for a Canadian flick, but won't ever complain about Jennifer Jason Leigh or Sean Bean. Also nice to see Kaniehtiio Horn in something other than Hemlock Grove...she is dynamite.

I haven't seem Antiviral which was the first movie from Brandon Cronenberg, so now I gots to dig it up and watch it.

This was the uncut version I watched, obviously I don't know what the difference is between the versions but when this wanted to get violent....boy-o, you can be sure it does. Also get a fair amount of nudity as well.

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