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  • Invasion U.S.A.

    Invasion U.S.A.


    Daniel's Birth Year Challenge (1985)

    Movie 13/33

    Ths is my second Chuck Norris film of '85 and this one is much better than Code Of Silence.

    The film kicks off with a bang, with a bigger bodycount in the first scene than the whole of CoS.

    In genreal this was waaay more violent than I was expecting, including a great villain that loves to shoot people in the nuts. The sadistic bastard! He also possesses a rocket launcher that seems…

  • BlacKkKlansman



    All power to all the people!

    Whilst I watched this on a tiny screen on a plane, probably my least favourite moivie experience possible, this film stood out even with the screen size working against it.

    Yes it is pretty heavy handed on its anti-Trump rhetoric and subtlety is not something that Spike is very good at but it never veers into preachie territory which some of Lee's films move into at times.

    I think John David Washington will be…

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  • Mandy



    Pretty much everything I'd hoped it to be, it's such a good feeling to come out of a cinema completely satiated.

    A true movie of two halfs, a slow build of dread and horror replaced by balls to the wall revenge filtered through strobing red lights and featuring lots of liquid acid and mountains of cocaine.

    Cage is great, particularly when he's unleashed in the second half. The vodka scene had the audience off there feet clapping the film along.…

  • Alien



    HoopTober 4.0 - Film #7 of #31

    1/1 Terrible Oversight Film

    I have no idea how I have never got around to watched this before, I've seen Aliens but I have never seen the original. So what better time then to pop it on during Hoop-Tober to revisit.

    I was in for a treat too, despite being close to 40 years old this holds up so well. The set design is fantastic, we all know the creature and FX are…