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  • Se7en



    Viewed on DVD

    GLUTTONY: I've seen this film so many times I've lost count.
    GREED: I've owned copies of Se7en on VHS and DVD (twice)...thinking about purchasing the Blu-Ray.
    SLOTH: After seeing Se7en for the first time, I could barely move.
    LUST: I fuckin' love Se7en.
    PRIDE: I'm proud to call Se7en one of my all time favourite films.
    ENVY: Why didn't I make Se7en?
    WRATH: If you say a bad word about Se7en, I'll fuckin' kill you.

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  • Heaven on Earth

    Heaven on Earth


    Viewed on Hollywood Suite

    Oh, Canada #29
    Released: September 6, 2008
    Locations: Punjab, India; Brampton, Niagara Falls, Toronto Ontario

    This was my 4th Deepa Mehta film, and it was by far the one I've liked the least. I didn't really enjoy Bollywood/Hollywood (2002) either, Heaven On Earth (2008) has no likeable characters, beyond the main character and her Jamaican friend at work, Rosa.

    I really couldn't imagine anyone seeing this film more than once.
    It's very hard to sit through.

  • Two on a Guillotine

    Two on a Guillotine


    Viewed on TCM

    The Multiple Taglines: Two on a Guillotine - or 7 nights in a house of terror - or the unkindest cut of all.
    :We don't mind sticking our necks out...but the screen will BE HEADING for a new high in good clean-cut fun!
    :...a story of togetherness
    :Attention: Guillotine-agers! Wouldn't you like to learn how to flip your lid? If you're chopping for entertainment, here's the super-shocker of them all.
    :Anyway you slice it... it's the screen's…

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  • Boxcar Bertha

    Boxcar Bertha


    Viewed on DVD

    Marty's first exploitation film is also his last.
    According to IMDB: After he finished this film, Martin Scorsese screened the film for John Cassavetes. Cassavetes, after seeing this film, hugged Scorsese and said, "Marty, you've just spent a whole year of your life making a piece of shit. It's a good picture, but you're better than the people who make this kind of movie. Don't get hooked into the exploitation market, just try and do something different."…

  • Night of the Creeps

    Night of the Creeps


    Viewed on Crackle

    Hoop-Tober #15

    Where has Night Of The Creeps been all my life? I loved it!
    There are more one-liners than you can shake a stick at...and I'm not even sure what that means.
    I've must have seen this cover thousands of times and always wanted to see it and then forgot about, then seeing the cover again and remembering again that I wanted to see it. THAT is a vicious cycle.
    This is an instant favourite.