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  • Bad Ronald

    Bad Ronald


    Viewed on MBOX

    Birth Year Challenge-1974 #26 - October 23, 1974.

    Bad Ronald (1974), a made-for-TV movie about a teenager living in the walls of a house, is a film I heard about in 2002 and had wanted to see ever since.

    Ronald isn't all that "bad". I guess "Not So Smart Ronald" wouldn't be a good title but it is a more accurate title.
    Ronald's mistake in accidentally killing a peer and burying her body in a friends yard…

  • Airport 1975

    Airport 1975


    Viewed on Netflix

    Birth Year Challenge-1974 #25 - October 18, 1974.

    Airport 1975 (1974) is the film that gets parodied heavily in Airplane (1980).
    It is a typical 70's disaster flick with a slew of celebrities in major and minor roles.
    The most intriguing is Linda Blair as "the little girl in need a kidney" playing guitar. Remember that in Airplane (1980)?

    Well, I know a way to make this film a hell of a lot better.
    Make Airport 1975…

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  • Night of the Creeps

    Night of the Creeps


    Viewed on Crackle

    Hoop-Tober #15

    Where has Night Of The Creeps been all my life? I loved it!
    There are more one-liners than you can shake a stick at...and I'm not even sure what that means.
    I've must have seen this cover thousands of times and always wanted to see it and then forgot about, then seeing the cover again and remembering again that I wanted to see it. THAT is a vicious cycle.
    This is an instant favourite.

  • The Innocents

    The Innocents


    Viewed on DVD

    Criterion Collection #727

    Hoop-Tober #12

    Miles: What shall I sing to my lord from my window? What shall I sing for my lord will not stay? What shall I sing for my lord will not listen? Where shall I go when my lord is away? Whom shall I love when the moon is arisen? Gone is my lord and the grave is his prison. What shall I say when my lord comes a calling? What shall I…