Busting ★★★

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Birth Year Challenge-1974 #30 - February 27, 1974.

Today I had an unintentional Antonio Fargas and Sid Haig double feature.
First was Foxy Brown (1974) and then Busting (1974) directed by Peter Hyams and starring Elliot Gould and Robert Blake.
Busting (1974) about 2 L.A. vice cops played by Gould and Blake keep getting the short end of the stick as they try to do their job, is a mostly entertaining buddy cop movie with Gould providing a lot of the comedy relief, and Busting is not perfect but it is enjoyable.
Peter Hyams would go onto direct a pretty darn good buddy cop picture years later with called Running Scared (1986) with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines.

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