Horrorween 2020: Cinemonster's Hoop-Tober 7.0 Challenge

The incomparable Cinemonster has once again put forth his yearly challenge to the people of Letterboxd..and I Am READY, WILLING and (hopefully) CAPABLE of completing this year's HOOP-TOBER challenge. Cinemonster's List:

This year my goal is 77 horror films, (or more) in honour of it being the 7th Anniversary of HOOP-TOBER.

The fun begins Aug. 25th - Oct. 31st

Here is the criteria I must (sleep) walk thru...
"Sleep Walk" by Santo & Johnny


πŸ’€6 Countries
πŸ’€6 Decades
πŸ’€7 2nd Films Of Franchises
πŸ’€4 Body Horror Films
πŸ’€2 Films From This Year
πŸ’€3 Disease Based Films
πŸ’€Highest Rated Horror Film From The 50s That You Can Access.
πŸ’€1 Film That Is Set Entirely Inside One Location…