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  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Not gonna lie this movie has a good charming vibe in it. But I realized it's due to director's big manipulation thanks to Mahershala Ali's swaggy presence and his chemistry with Viggo Mortensen. But the problematic matters are still presence and that big manipulation can only do so much. I didn't buy it, concerning white person who had the full control of the storytelling wheel. It's becoming one big moral white wankery for white people to ejaculate to. Whether it's…

  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots


    So lads, when women say "men are trash" please learn to shut the fuck up, aye? I know it's tempting and your fragile masculinity is heavily being torn apart but, have a cold one with your buddy or something. Move aside.

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  • Shoplifters



    When the last scene cut to black, I saw the reflection of me on my screen. The face of a sad little shit who just cried about five times in a matter of two hours.

    You got me good, Koreeda-san.

  • The Sisters Brothers

    The Sisters Brothers


    Great casts, nice theme and I really love how the story turned with change of heart moments, some divine interventions and unexpected deaths. I invested a lot with the characters, I couldn't even pick my favorite. A bounty hunter romantic, a drunken savage with horrific backstory, a hater with existential crisis, and a wise chemist. All of them modeled with a heart and different voices, muddled in intertwined strings with death stares and gun powders. But the scrimmage ended up…