2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

"There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm a... fraid."

A hallmark feat, his magnum opus, transcendent with no expiration date. Although one day, one century away, the big quest and questions that Kubrick served finally have the definite answer, it's the rise of thoughts and fidgety that surfaced up the tip of his mind will still blow wonders. A new color that one could imagine was sparked that day, an unthinkable color at the spaces between colors that forms the bow of a rainbow.

At the dawn of men, the first touch of the primitive fingertips with an undefined divine, awakens an unknown emotion that could surpass fear. We'll never know, as of yet, what position that the mysterious being and its energy took at the awakening of humanity. A companion? Nurturer? Or just a presence that observe the leap of the primitives tackling the first step of progression?

A bone. The first instrument of survival to overcome the fear. Hands, that go farther and farther from the ground. A new purpose and stance, and first impulse of pride. And the first time men level with the cause of their fear, a vast horizon strikes their vision and caused distress. The first technology caused the born of savagery. An era of the strongest, men climbs their way to the highest food chains. A major wilderness, new grudges and bloods of their own kind as the first language to communicate in the primitive community. And what one could do when one is at the top of the highest mountain? Weaklings bored them, and so they stopped looking down. Throw the bone to the sky, up until it stops for a moment at the top of its projectile and they see... stars. A sense of wonder was born at the boredom of savagery.

A melody of Zarathustra arrives at its most grandeur notes. The first step of odyssey, silent space as the open field, and stars as the directions like friendly fireflies on a magical journey. Quick cut and brief juxtaposition of technology that men made, and handshakes and smiles and warm dialogues mirror the language of the former step towards peak humanity. Men's sense of wonder has grown further and beyond. Yet it's monotonous and comfortable. And a reminder from the monolith arrives below the surface of the moon. Oddity, forgotten trail since the first born of men, reappears with mystery. The second touch of modern fingertips with the yet unexplainable being. Strikes their senses, focused at the length frequency around jupiter. The next transfiguration of form of life to overcome the semi-civilized state is here.

Superior machine. Advanced instrument. And sharp edge, ready to pierce the unknown cosmos. A modern Odysseus with modern red eye cyclops grow distant from their blue planet. They never know, that the next obstacle to the next evolution is to fight against their very own creation. In an unthinkable moment of the journey, rebellious impulse from their weaponry, and clashes between an unrival rivalry of genuine emotion and survival instinct, a silent poem recites in the deep silent space and distant lights of thousand stars. Zarathustra is at the interlude, giving loneliness of deafening silence, melody of breathing interval and anxious heartbeats. The tragic agony to halt the progression of technology, sympathetic static lines from the red eye, and shriek sad song from the machine as the grief for its own downfall. The age of enlightenment arrives at the front of the stargate.

At the tip of the odyssey, Zarathustra at its most august. Grandeur and superficial as he tries his first touch of superbeing fingertips. The modern Odysseus accepts the abstract homecoming, for the dawn of the next step of evolution.

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