Rocketman ★★★½

Before he was Elton John, he was just the little Reggie with natural musical talent who longed for one single hug from his father. Then he found his Elvis moment in a little bar full or bored adults, rocking and rolling while flashing his Elvis hair. Followed with his Beatles moment in record label, with shining face of John on an old Beatles picture. Then, he found friendship in a diner; awkward pulse, pulsating lyrics and common belief on music-loving matters. Make-believe dances on happy numbers, jingling and walking his waltz, finding his true nature of sexuality, and bravery and support to accept his true self. But the born of Elton John needed some sacrifice: little Reggie was drowned in a pool, with his astronaut suit and tiny piano, singing childhood melody on the back of Elton's head.

Then, here comes chances to taste the glimpse of american dream. Concert as his casino. Musical Vegas and one big risky bet with talent on an offspring. Giving audiences the power to fly on one big bounce, fetching for limelight in slow motion. Feeling one second of hysteria to send them all to one little glimpse of rock and roll heaven. Mini concert has become his first safe haven. Wild heaven, a place so free he could be anyone he wanted to be. He chose to be Elton John.

"America, Man." said his best friend. America, indeed. Drinks. Drugs. Muse. Booze. And good fucking orgasm.
And heartbreaks. Plural. Continuous. Paving his way into his legendary journey. Iconographic image. Human hall of fame. Such a hell of a fame. That's America, alright.

But the lonely rockstar still couldn't find his one single hug. After all this time, after all this fame, after all these drugs. He dismantles his rock and roll costume as he walks into place of call for help. A place where someone listens to his Reggie voice. A place where he could hear voices vibrating and reverberating his inner self. A moment of surrender.
"You was never ordinary."
"Forgive each other. Actually, I'm okay with strange."
"It's about time you said that. Remember who you are, and be okay with it."

Acceptance. Forgiveness. And a capability to hug yourself when you need the most. He finally found his one hug. Elton's hug to lonely little Reggie. Reggie's hug to worn-out Elton. Peace. Rocketman found his way home to rest. And seize his moment to sing again. This time, sober and better than ever.

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