Jaco ★★★★

I saw this documentary which is currently streaming on Netflix. It is the story of one of my favorite bass guitarists, Jaco Pastorius. He was also a member of the group, Weather Report. Someone in the film said he was our generation's Jimi Hendrix. It tells the tragic story of his rise to fame and his constant battle with mental illness throughout his career. It was very insightful and the candid and poignant thoughts by some of today's well respected musicians also adds a nice touch. If you enjoy documentaries about musical artists, I suggest this one. Several diehard jazz aficionados had issue with Flea being one of the featured musicians in the film but for me, it was not an issue at all. Jaco crossed many boundaries and his influence can be seen vastly throughout many musical genres, not just jazz. I gave it a 4/5 stars due to some choppiness in the flow of the film.

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