Constantine ★★★★½

In a nutshell:

* I’m going to go out on a limb & say that John Constantine is Keanu Reeves best performance... not his best film, but the character that I feel was most made for him (regardless to any differences between this version of the character & the original depiction in the Comic Books). Brilliant cast, it’s a hard balancing act, the themes are so grandiose, it takes a great actor/actress to hit that sweet spot - Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton, Shia LaBeouf, & many more, all strong in their craft. There’s only one weak link (see ✂️) 🎭
* A confident feature debut from Director Francis Lawrence, & a career best imo (as of this date), it’s a beautiful film to look at tbh 🎥👏
* Solid score, does the job it sets out to do, adds to the tone 🎵 
* Why do I love this film? It’s a mixed bag (not in a bad way) - equally comfortable in a character scene between its protagonists as it is with demons flying, hurling themselves at a man who lights his fist on fire & expels them - it all works! Wrapped in a rich religious/folklore mythology, + pockets of exciting action, & a brilliant lead with more than enough internal angst to keep me engaged, from its moreish setup to its refreshingly talky climax (with a few shots fired). Love it 📝 
* Dear Gavin Rossdale (Balthazar), you are the worst thing about this movie “finger licking good” you are NOT. + that cool little shootout at the end, lets extend that teaser shall we? ✂️ 
* If you’ve written this one off, or perhaps never seen it before... give it a go (possibly again), it’s a winner for this nut! & I’m pleased it’s gained a following over the years (Happy 15th Anniversary Constantine!) ★★★★½

P.s I’m about to read ‘John Constantine Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits, Vol. 5’. Going to be interesting to see how different the original text is from this feature... 🤔

P.p.s Just going to put this out there, I genuinely think that 2005 was the best year for Comic Book movies EVER - Constantine, Batman Begins, Sin City, & V for Vendetta (all of which are EXCELLENT). Can anyone think of a better year for CB films??

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