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  • Persona



    It is hard to rate a film like Persona.
    Despite it's short runrate it is so dense that it can be considered a prime example of a film that gives more with each and every subsequent viewing in order to be able to peel away its many layers.
    Of course there is great and bold directing with a mix of experimental and moments of magic, amazing cinematography with almost blinding whites and darker than the abyss black, powerful performances by…

  • His Girl Friday

    His Girl Friday


    Regardless that this was filmed 80 years ago, it is still as fresh as it was back then.
    Credit is due to the dialogue and pace of the film: moving with an exaggerated, staccato delivery that almost resembles the rhythm of typewriting of all these reporters, who often on screen were talking simultaneously making it hard to focus on only one of them at any moment. Yet you could feel the energy against the backdrop of a profession where breaking…

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  • Day Shift

    Day Shift


    Without Foxx and to some extent Snoop (alright kudos to some of the tunes too) this would have been just another mindless splatter Netflix original. The story is week and the action repetitive, whilst the baddies don’t quite feel menacing enough.
    There are better options out there of the genre.

  • Purple Hearts

    Purple Hearts

    I’m unsure which I liked the least: Sofia Carson’s expressionless acting or the songs she sang.  Either way there was too much of both in the film and that was the type of combo that would knock out any opponent in a Street Fighter dual.

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  • 1917



    Beautifully and skilfully shot and stitched together to feel as a one continued/unbroken take, giving a more personal feeling to this story. The score added significantly to the dramatic feel as did the amazing cinematography with special mention to the spectacular visual play of shadows and light in the heavily bombed out village of Écoust-Saint-Mein.
    It does feel like the film was made with awards in mind and this is clear in the extent of the set, the extras, the costumes and the impressive choreography which must have taken forever to get spot on with the result being hauntingly spectacular.

  • Mommy



    This film leaves you feeling as if you've been kicked in the guts (similar effect had the 'We need to talk about Kevin') with truly stellar performances, a mature direction with striking images that carve into your mind, and a story that even though most of us have never faced feels very personal indeed. Highly recommended!