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  • Enemy



    While watching this, I was so enticed. My expectations were surpassed. I had an entire concept worked up in my head that made it perfect as it went step by step. But then it ended. It ended without any real explanation. It suddenly made everything I saw prior mean nothing because there were so many loose ends. In my temporary disappointment, I looked up reviews, maybe someone could decipher it better than i could, and in fact, they could. Once…

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    This was absolutely batshit insane and I loved every second of it. Only thing I could possibly nitpick would be the third act. It goes really crazy really quickly. It’s supposed to be like the same way Goodfellas goes nuts towards the end because Henry Hill is so paranoid and coked out, and it reflects his current state of mind, but it could have been cleaned up a little. I won’t fault it though. I loved it so much. Go watch it.