Broadcast News

Broadcast News ★★★★½


Now, this is a movie. And it's maybe the most movie-y movie that I've full on loved. It has its problems, and I don't care. I was worried by the prologue, and almost baffled by the nothingness of the epilogue (although, it's growing on me by the minute). It's a heightened and dramatized version of something that feels very real. It's all in the details of the dialogue, the mannerisms and the relationships. And it's all in the small body of Holly Hunter.

She, and her character elevates a good movie to a great one, along with the overall script. She's like a highly intelligent, incredibly beautiful, petite little troll that's running around doing everything all the time, and manages to come out as the bigger person in every scene. Everybody falls in love with her, and it takes a stronger person than me to break that pattern.

I could mention a million things that makes me love this more than I even could imagine that I would. But one of the big ones is the way it subverts all my expectations of what Albert Brooks and William Hurt's characters would be, after being introduced to them. It's not the usual nice and friendly guy versus the douchy and sexy guy. It's more complicated than that, and the movie is so much better for it.

It's a smartly written, very funny, and heartfelt movie that embrace the fact that it is a movie. It deals with situations and characters in a deeply humanistic way, and the faults it contains becomes almost invisible because of it. I really loved it, and it's a shame it took me this long to discover it.

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