• Drive




    22nd viewing, I believe - first in 4K! - and no change since the last one. I've long since lost most of my ability to view this in an objective way (wouldn't want to do it, anyway), and every second of it is ingrained in me at this point - and still, I'm fully in it each viewing. It still works on such a visceral level that it's ridiculous. After that, not a lot that I haven't written about…

  • To Chiara

    To Chiara



    Chiara, looking for her life, her world. Hidden paths and a cold wind. Is it so bad, the way of life that so many falls into, willingly or not? Is it so bad, to do the opposite? Could the two ways coexist? Chiara, will have to find the answers.

  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper



    Third watch, first in two and a half years, and I'm adjusting it down a tiny notch, from 76/100. On a vespa through Paris, on a train to London, in a house with a ghost, waiting for her brother who died. Love the semi-dissolves, and editing in general. Also: the music piece that plays over the scenes with the french TV movie as the main subject is fantastic; smooth and speaks for itself. Other than this, my last review will do.

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment



    Shirley MacLaine as Fran Kubelik in The Apartment is everything the world needs, then, now and always. Five and a half years since I watched this for the first time, and it went up on this second viewing, from approximately 72/100, which I kind of expected it to. Charming as all get-out, hilarious in moments, and emotionally affecting. An ending to melt any doubter's heart in mere seconds. A movie that juggles tones and characters and dialogues in such…

  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard



    A washed up star, bigger than life, proposing that the pictures somewhere along the way got small, rather than herself. She, playing Salome? Who else? The questions are indignations, the answers are obvious. Max! Two shots in the back, one in the front, for a love never received and a life lost to the shadows. My second watch, first in five years. Went down from approximately 90/100. Many great moments, one or two somewhat dull stretches. The poster's up…

  • Pinocchio




    Well, as it tends to be with these "live action" remakes of the animated disney classics, the look is what kills them. The 1940 version of Pinocchio looks fantastic; this new Robert Zemeckis adaptation looks... worse than that. Sure, it's a step forward, thanks to the years of progress, from his previous uncanny valley films (thinking mostly of The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol and Beowulf), but it can't beat the gorgeous hand drawn animation of the original film,…

  • Trouble




    He walked into complicated emotions, but managed to untie some knots that desperately needed to be untied. Maybe he got something out of it too. Next time, maybe he'll visit again.

  • Fabian: Going to the Dogs

    Fabian: Going to the Dogs



    It took quite a while to acclimatize to its changing aspect ratios, heavily stylized imagery and frantic cutting, and just as I was about to dismiss it as "not for me", I discovered some intrigue in the story, and then and there the movie settled, got more serene (not serene, just more serene) and I found my way into it all. Then, I liked it more and more throughout its runtime, and while there were blemishes (how can there…

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder



    Love and thunder. A nice name. Lots of misses, some hits, and a good time. Sparkling colors and black and white. Fighting to get through, or to live a bigger life. Another episode to the books.

  • Best of Enemies

    Best of Enemies



    It's liberating watching well-spoken people (when they avoid losing their cool) for an hour and a half, but I wish there was a bit less talking about the main event than showing it and living in it. Very entertaining when it wants to be, and educating in other instances.

  • Enjoy




    Sometimes, people get sad. I guess I knew that without watching this short film.

  • Light from the Chocolate Factory

    Light from the Chocolate Factory



    It might factor in that I've watched 19 films of his, and two in the last few days, but this reminded me a lot in structure and tempo of Hong Sang-soo, and Haugerud takes good adventage of that specific style. There's a couple of throughlines, but the main interest is to be found in the details within the conversations, and the people's demeanor and relationships towards one another. Andrea Bræin Hovig shines.