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  • Disc Fairy

    Disc Fairy


    very bad like i assume every x仙 movie is, had a good weird sexy scene that still stays within the limits of the censorship board and feels nice and weirdly awful the whole way through, right up until the necessary scene of someone explaining everything with lots of flash backs. some day when im in a dark place i'd like to do a retrospective of all of these 碟仙,笔仙,筷仙 etc movies. most people know nothing about all these mainland chinese horror movies and although almost all of them are really bad there's a lot of them. translation of the titles is also very bad.

  • Dream Breaker

    Dream Breaker


    just the kind of bad chinese cyperpunk sci fi i wanna see more of

  • The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

    The Curse of King Tut's Tomb


    better than Mummy 3 & Mummy (Tom Cruise). recommended if you like mummy nonsense

  • Edge of Innocence

    Edge of Innocence


    almost definitely 'not good', but I find EXO-boy melodramas hard not to be drawn into, provided the melodrama goes far enough into surreality, and it helps here that the first part of the film is extremely Rear Window-y. the WU Yi-Fan starring 'Sweet Sixteen' is in the same genre, but with even more over the top melodramatic cruelty. Unfortunately the English titles of these films are extremely boring and generic, considering this could have been titled Summer: Portrait of a 19 Year Old.