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  • Utu



    New Zealand in 1870 - a friendly Maori village is massacred by
    colonial troops and discovered by army scout, Te Wheke, whose own
    people are among the dead. He turns on his employers and takes
    up his warrior chieftain past, seeking utu (revenge), he engages
    in guerilla warfare against the Pakeha (Europeans). One of those attacked is a farmer whose wife is killed and house burned. The farmer in turns seeks his vengeance. One to put on your "must see"…

  • Among the Cinders

    Among the Cinders


    We are led to believe that there is wisdom to be gained here, and there is - after one and a half hours we learn that a few drinks and a quick bonk will generally fix things. Although made in 1983, it was not released until 1987. It has not had many theatrical screenings, although it has been shown on television in various markets and it is available on video. Locations in Takaka and Golden Bay make for some enjoyable viewing, but don't expect an "A" viewing.