Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ★★★★

...the suggestion that, you know, you should be able to think for yourself and then telling you exactly how you have to think...

This is a documentary on the religion known as Scientology, which practically, at least from what I've gathered so far, has very little to do with science in actual fact. It tells a saddening tale of what this religion actually is and to what extremes the founder, chairman and clergy have gone to, to establish this "institution" first as a religion to gain benefits from the United States' first amendment and later go on to boast celebrity names and expand and spread their word all over the world.

I have read other reviews and the main critic about this documentary is that people feel that there is nothing new being presented than what you can read up on the internet about Scientology. Also, how one-sided the documentary is.

Personally, it educated me a lot that I didn't know of before. I have casually skimmed through Scientology articles online before and just written it off as one of the more extremely silly religions and I really couldn't be bothered about it, but in all honesty this is actually a very serious story. So if you know little of this particular religion I would definitely urge you to see this. It speaks loud and it includes stories of some of your favourite Hollywood stars in Tom Cruise and John Travolta, and an interview from director Paul Haggis.

Of course this only concerns one religion, but in a way it might very well also tell/remind us about certain fronts and basis that every religion functions on.

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