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This review may contain spoilers.

I think Gone Girl might just be the most complete film I've seen since American Beauty

I just want to start with this.
This is David Fincher at his directorial best.

Well, I don't know man, I know Fight Club is insane but this film just looks so immaculate. And for that I give praise to Fincher and his main man in crime behind that lens, cinematographer, Jeff Cronenweth. The shots look so fresh and so clean (irony :P ) and the way the story is told… My God! It's just the best way Fincher could've done it.

For the first 30 or so mins I sat through this film, I asked and said to myself: "Is this a dark comedy? Man, this feels so much like a dark comedy!" And it's because of Nick Dunne's (Ben Affleck) laid back approach to his wife's disappearance. But not just him, the whole cast up to that point played it so "cool" - if I could use that word. The lady detective is the only one that seemed serious enough, and I thought some lines and action's could've actually been intended for dark comedy. But then the story just reels you in and you learn more and then an hour in - BOOM! Plot twist - Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) is now all of a sudden telling us how she set up her husband in order to frame him for her murder. And now I'm entangled in a David Fincher suspense sequence. The film rides on and it just continues to tell you more and more, unearthing certain truths and certain lies, and now we get to see this darkly demented woman. Haha, and now all of a sudden I'm watching a classic thriller film!

I'm telling you as I experienced it, and I'm telling you, this film has a lot to it! It's really amazing. It throws you around certain genre-feels as I just explained, but it always maintains it's dark nature throughout. So much so, that somewhere in the middle of the film I felt kinda numb and that I almost had enough, but in fact this film was just so damn intriguing that I wanted to know how it ends and what's really going on! And all the while I'm thinking to myself…wait… Did Nick kill Amy? Nah, man that isn't it, Amy set him up…. Or nah? I mean, could they both really be playing the cops, the media, and just make a big reality episode out of all this just for their own entertainment?

Gone Girl is an experience on its own. And it just tells you the story so……I want to say clean, but the film isn't clean, for God's sake, :( why do I say it's clean when it isn't clean, but it is just so clean! :) And I draw similarities to American Beauty, because that's more or less how I felt when watching Sam Mendes' equally brilliantly directed Oscar winning film.
Oh and did I mention dark? :P It's more psychologically dark then blood pouring dark (although we have that one scene). The dark gets you wondering about your morals and morality in this world and none more so dark when you learn the truth at the end and they show us a shot again which you see in the first minutes of the film as well, the shot of Nick looking down at Amy as she looks back at him with those innocent, sly, deceitful eyes of hers as he contemplates the dreaded questions of the married life “What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other?... What will we do?”

Oh and one more thing, serious questions need to be asked.
Like, is this the best female performance in film history?
Yeah! It's just like that.
I might still be hypnotised by those eyes of hers, but at the moment I can't think of any female performance that has been as unique as this one.

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