Room ★★★★★

When I was four, I didn't even know about the world, and now me and Ma are going to live in it forever and ever until we're dead.

This is a street in a city in a country called America, and Earth, that's a blue and green planet always spinning so I don't know why we don't fall off. Then, there's outer space. Nobody knows where's heaven. Ma and I have decided that because we don't know what we like we get to try everything. There's so many things out here and sometimes it's scary, but that's okay, because it's still just you and me.

I was floored. I was holding my hand in the other for most of the film. And the greatest thing about Room probably is, is that it never shows gruesome scenes happening visually, but it lets it linger in the back of your mind forcing you to imagine while you're watching and listening to Jack make sense of the world through his young beautiful mind.

Brie Larson is excellent. The young Jacob Tremblay is equally impressive. Arguably the best duo in film in 2015. They bring a realistic and wonderful mother and son relationship to life that shines so honest and beautiful in a bleak and dark situation they find themselves in. The screenplay is very good, but may sometimes fall victim to unrealism, and I thought because of that I would give the film 4.5 stars, but then I remembered what one of the most vital purposes of film are, and that is magic. And this is pure magic portrayed and told amongst angst and grim content.

I intentionally didn't go into the plot because, really, if you haven't heard or read about this movie yet, don't! Google and IMDb already says too much, so just don't. It's a total knockout on an emotional level, so go and watch it.

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