• Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    Looked forward to this after loving Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (2021) by the same director, Ryusuke Hamaguchi, as well as seeing the good reviews and high end-of-year rankings constantly coming in for Drive My Car. There's a lot of good raw materials in this film - the writing, the characters, the performances, the cinematography. I am not sure when the last time was when we had a filmmaker that relayed his films with so many layers of human emotion,…

  • Two Lovers

    Two Lovers


    I continue to find myself chuckling whilst thinking about this movie. And I can't decide whether it is because of cringe or whether it just has some huge fucking balls, haha! Some really ludicrous shit goes down here in terms of the decisions taken throughout this film, from both a writing and overall filmmaking perspective. The most prominent of that being how swiftly our protagonist goes from being on suicide watch to effortless playboy; and then all of the messy…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Had to rewatch in honour of THE GOAT dating Julia Fox. Besides that fine piece of posterior; chaos, is another thing both Ye and Uncut Gems have in common, and I bet Ye, a film connoisseur himself, loves Uncut Gems too. This is just one crazy piece of filmmaking from start to finish, but it only works if the writing is as pristine as it is here. Brilliant fan fiction revisionist writing by weaving in the real life character of…

  • Nine Days

    Nine Days

    Far away from being as interesting as the synopsis made me think it would be. It's pretty basic, bland and undramatic for such an intriguing concept that could be portrayed and performed in so many different (un)imaginable ways.

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    For a fair portion into the start, I feared the film would fall into the 'style for the sake of style' trap, but once our protagonist begins his journey into the wilderness towards the Green Chapel, the film hits its stride and steadily gets better and better right up until the end. The Green Knight doesn't offer anything special that changes the game, but it doesn't need to because it doesn't want to. Yet it still stakes its claim as…

  • Cruella



    Lacking in the overall narrative writing department, but the refreshing colourful characters and the chemistry between them make up for it.

    You're going to kill me just because I upstaged you?
    Uh huh.

  • Justice League

    Justice League

    Original rating removed because Snyder was fucked over, check out my review for the definitive Snyder Cut - letterboxd.com/o_cav/film/zack-snyders-justice-league/

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    *yawn* 00s Wes Anderson was his peak, I think we may have to just accept that.

  • C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon


    Has a lot of good intentions and some beautiful black-and-white cinematography. But a lot of the time the dialogue feels too mechanical and the dramatic beats feel contrived rather than flowing all natural. Ultimately the poeticness that Mike Mills aims for and pulled off so successfully in 20th Century Women does not quite come through with this film.

  • The Harder They Fall

    The Harder They Fall


    Watched over two sittings with four days in between, and I still ended up browing Twitter for most of the 2nd sitting. Usually these days I'd just turn something off if I find it boring, but I guess I wanted to see Cherokee Bill's (LaKeith "superiority" Stanfield's) standoff with the foolish young boy on Nat's team, and also just to see how the movie ends. Has a few genuine good moments here and there, but overall standard style over substance…

  • The Voyeurs

    The Voyeurs

    What the fuck man, lmao... so laughably bad that I get that that's supposed to be part of the point, but just, come on man, piss off please. I get playing around with expectations, and subverting the conventional, but not at the expense of throwing away good potential. There were small glimmers of what could have been - for instance, a perverse story about sexual insecurity, oversexualisation of society in modern times, and hell, maybe even an odd horror twist…

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    So when I first heard this was going to be a thing, I, like so many others, shook my head and thought: why can't they just leave good things alone? Warner Bros of course couldn't ever care less, and they knew we would all buy that ticket or press play when the release date came around like the little insignificant conditioned bots we are. And well, since we're here I gotta say... The Matrix Resurrections fucking rules!

    Went in expecting…