"How ways the world?"
"It wears, sir, as it grows."

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  • Toni Erdmann
  • In Jackson Heights
  • The Decameron
  • A New Leaf

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  • Police Story 2


  • From Spikes to Spindles


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  • A Taxing Woman

    A Taxing Woman


    I was very interested in the morality of Ryoko Itakura and Gondo's pursuits--what was the movie saying about them? Who was right? Why start the Ryoko character in a scene where she is wringing some poor elderly business owners dry, putting struggling people out of business? But this thread seems to have been dropped soon after these scenes.

    But this doesn't prove to be a problem, because instead of blind dramatics, Juzo Itami directs with a realist's eye. Between the…

  • Biggie & Tupac

    Biggie & Tupac


    I find the consistency of comments chastising Broomfield for "not caring about his subjects" to be pretty unconvincing and unfounded. Besides, the documentary was more about the strange, suspicious circumstances of their deaths and how they were handled by the LAPD than it was about two big personalities in pop culture.

    The way Broomfield explored the later was fascinating. His documentary style seemed really grassroots here--building up every scene of the crime and the circumstances surrounding it with footage, filling…

Popular reviews

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    Julie is a very boring character that we are told over and over again is actually very wonderful. The title winks at us, her boyfriends tell us overtly, her mother lets us know, and her father lets us know by /not/ letting /her/ know. But outside of being told, we never see any semblance of her greatness. She veers off the doctor exit of the good-girl-expressway to become an artist, but never really makes any art, nor seems to really…

  • Boxcar Bertha

    Boxcar Bertha


    A classic case of 'I have absolutely no idea why this is so maligned'. The actors and their characters were totally magnetic, the sets and locations were gorgeous, there were lots of exciting and creative choices made with the story; I can see a situation where Cassavetes would tell a young Scorsese where this was a shit movie in the 70s, but 50 years later, I think this aged pretty...very well. Maybe Cassavetes was wrong and should have kept his…