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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    Saved the best for last. Waving goodbye to another October down. My diamond in a sea of glass.

    Jesse's facade during all of this, even prior to being taken over by TND; goodness. The confirmation is eventually there (DANGEROUS), but those portions of witnessing it before she fully rejects the society that isn't on her level, an endless stunner. This is how to make every weekend in LA go down. House-sitting the mysterious domain; lunar force Witchcraft, cannibaltribalism, beauty of…

  • The Visitor

    The Visitor


    Alien film-making; sizzling off the power of our sun to give it life, human brains may not be able to process it accordingly. Relay it as a message, a pattern of signals bouncing off walls a la Pong, as a glimpse into the other world that's just for the children disciples, while those cosmically inclined with the sense to fight evil, do their part to keep the balance for the rest of Earth against the Satanist corporations looking to spread the seed of The Fallen One.


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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    Going from naivety of the new beauty and the exciting into a plunging nightmare of personal desires and everlasting vices. A duality of my own brain. Despite the neon fluorescence that is seared into your mind's eye with the picture, this is my dark side.

    After every viewing I've come away with a new lust for a central character. This time, however, it was something different. Something all consuming. When the film and the mind meet, blending together to form…

  • Mute



    Almost destined to not be accepted within today's view of cinema, comes this laced ferocity of welcomed nihilism. When films aren't afraid to be zeroed in on the evils that occupy the world - futuristic or current present - that's when the glimpses into the monsters that hide in plain sight take over.

    Seedy, sexually fascinated/aggressive neo-noir set in a neon Germany. The world building within this is wonderful. Love to see everything so fleshed out with its technology and…