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  • Thief



    The silent excursions of crime, under the eternal skyline existing in a excessively blue toned world. Floating on the lightning-filled clouds of neon. The gliding of gradual beginning to end for this fly on the wall experience of a singular thief and the life he wants to carve in the wake of reaching the internal point of no return. Mann is beginning exactly where he wants to be.

    For a film drenched in a cool design, it is absolute fire.

  • Mute



    Almost destined to not be accepted within today's view of cinema, comes this laced ferocity of welcomed nihilism. When films aren't afraid to be zeroed in on the evils that occupy the world - futuristic or current present - that's when the glimpses into the monsters that hide in plain sight take over.

    Seedy, sexually fascinated/aggressive neo-noir set in a neon Germany. The world building within this is wonderful. Love to see everything so fleshed out w/its technology and aesthetic.…

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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    How do I follow up watching what may be my favorite film of all time? By watching what is easily one of the other top contenders for that spot. Going from triumph and the spectacular into a plunging nightmare of personal desires and everlasting vices. A duality of my own brain. Despite the neon fluorescence that is seared into your mind's eye w/the picture, this is my dark side.

    After every viewing I've come away w/a new lust for a…

  • The Addiction

    The Addiction


    The Addiction is a top five vampire movie if I've ever seen it and my favorite Ferrara film yet. Nobody should enjoy the vampire blood feast orgy scene to the level that I did. b/c gaaaaaaawwwd. Unnatural ecstasy from a person.

    The moral, mental, & physical decay of becoming a vampire playing out as if addicted to any rudimentary drug off the street is for all literal purposes of the definition, brilliant. There's no other word. Unless as a synonym is…