Tenet ½

People moving forwards, people moving backwards, who thought even for a second that this is gonna be great and look visually stunning?

Nolan apparently.

And the sound mixing? Like they let a bunch of chimpanzees in a sound mixing room to play with it, it wasn't artistic it was awful. I had to cover my ears in cinema - I don't remember ever doing that - and it was still too loud, the music, the bullets, everything just screaming at you.

First hour or so was okay but then it started to become more and more unbearable and by the time it reached the end it was absolutely unbearable and pointless.

Fuck these puzzle films, never liked Memento, Inception and now Tenet. While I could be wrong about Memento cause when it came out I was a kid, I watched Inception for the second time recently, and while it's much better film than this turd it's still below average film. The point is - it's not about puzzles, or did you get it or did you not get it, the film needs to be good besides the puzzle, because many times you probably have watched some films that had some scenes that you didn't completely get, you would get them later during the course of the film, but those scenes would still feel amazing, they would have elements that would work and hold your attention, be it interesting and engaging characters, screenplay or theme presentation - in short great direction, but the problem here is that all of that is absent.

When your entire selling point for a film is it's a puzzle - go fuck yourself.

And one more thing, there's no difference between Tenet or Bond or Mile 22 and most of the other generic action flicks - same garbage, different package.

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